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Various Products offered by SBI Life :

Protection Products

1. SBI Life-Shield : Is a plan that offers a life cover a a low cost. It is a traditional pure risk policy.

2. SBI life-Swadhan : Is a traditional Term Plan which provides protection and a refund either part / total premium at the end of the duration of the policy to the policyholder.

Protection cum Savings Products

1. SBI Life-Shield : Is a plan that offers a life cover a a low cost. It is a traditional pure risk policy.
2. SBI Life- Sudarshan : This plan provides protection and savings.It is a regular endowment plan where you save for the future and at the end you get an accumulated amount with bonuses.

Protection cum Savings Products

1. SBI Life-Sanjeevan Supreme : Is a plan with a Life Insurance cover and a guaranteed money back scheme at various intervals. Benefit of this plan is you pay the premium for a specific period of the term only and rest of the term you do not have to pay.

2. SBI Life-Money Back : Is a saving plan where you get a cover and also funds at various intervals during the policy.

Unit Linked Products

SBI Life-Unit plus II : Is an unit linked plan where it gives you an option of choosing from 5 different investment funds.

SBI Life-Unit plus Elite : Is a unit linked plan where the premium paying term is for a limited period. There are two options Gold Cover and Platinum Cover.

SBI Life-Unit Plus Child Plan : Is a unit linked Child Plan. This is plan is designed especially to meet the future needs of your child.

SBI Life-Smart ULIP : Is a unit linked plan which gives investment and insurance benefits.

SBI Life-Horizon : Is a unit linked plan with automatic asset allocation,giving you a higher returns on your funds invested in the plan.

Pension Products

1. SBI Life-Lifelong Pension : This plan helps to satisfy your needs after retirement. Although retired you still have the finance to fulfill your desires. It is a regular pension product

2. SBI Life-Unit plus II Pension : Is a unit linked Pension Plan where you can choose to pay either single or regular premium for the entire term.

3. SBI Life -Horizon II Pension : A unit linked plan which has an automatic asset allocation where you need not worry about investing your funds.The plan does it all for you. It invests in mainly three different funds.

4. SBI Life-Immediate Annuity : This plan provides annuity payment immediately from payment of purchase price.

Group Products – Group Protection Plans:
1. SBI Life -Sampoorn Suraksha
2. SBI Life -Super Suraksha
3. SBI Life -Super Suraksha in Lieu of EDLI
4. SBI Life -Credit Guard
5. SBI Life -Suraksha Plus

Term Insurance :

1.SBI Life – Sheild

Retirement Solutions:

1. SBI Life -Cap Assure Gratuity Scheme
2. SBI Life -Cap Assure superannuation Scheme
3. SBI Life -Cap Assure Leave Encashment Scheme
4. SBI Life -Group Immediate Annuity
5. SBI Life -Golden Gratuity
6. SBI Life -Dhanrashi
7. SBI Life -Swarna Jeevan
8. SBI Life -Group Gratuity cum Life Cover Scheme
9. SBI Life -Group Superannuation Scheme
10. SBI Life -Group Leave Encashment cum Life Cover Scheme
11. SBI Life -Swarna Ganga
12. SBI Life -Kalyan ULIP

SBI Life Insurance

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