Jeevan Saathi Table Plan No- 89

Premium Ceasing Age : 70 Premium Ceasing Term : 0

Plan Highlights

LIC’s Jeevan Saathi/ sathi Couple/ Joint Life Insurance Product .This policy is issued on the lives of the husband and wife provided the female’s life belongs to
Category I or is actively engaged in her spouse’s business.
Special Features
In case of death of any one of the policyholder the surviving partner gets the sum assured, the premium is stopped and on death or maturity full Sum Assured along with bonus is paid back.
Survival Benefits:
If one or both the lives survive to the maturity date, the sum assured, along with the accumulated bonus, is payable.
Death Benefits: 
In case either of the couple dies during the policy’s term, two things happen. One, LIC pays to the surviving spouse the full Sum Assured. And, two, the policy continues on the life of the surviving partner without him/her having to pay any further premiums, i.e. the life cover on the survivor continues free of cost.
The Sum Assured is again payable on the death of the other partner in case both the husband and wife were to die during the term of the policy. Vested bonus would also be paid along with the Sum Assured on the second death. In such a case, the death benefit is double the Sum Assured, which is why the policy is called Jeevan Saathi ‘Double Cover’ Joint Life Plan.
Suitable For:
This policy protects the incomes of both husband and wife Join Life Married Couple, also grants equivalent benefits to the survivor in case neither survive the policy term period.

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