LIC Child Career Plan (Table No 184):

  Term Age Sum Assured
Minimum 11 0 100000
Maximum 27 12 1000000

Premium Ceasing: Age 27 Premium Ceasing Term: 11 Years


Child Career Plan is with profits plan for children. The features of the plan are mentioned below:

o Guaranteed returns in the form of survival benefits .

o Receive 30% of sum assured 5 years before the policy maturity plus recessionary bonus.

o Receive 15% of sum assured at 4th,3rd,2nd and one year before the expiry of policy term

o On expiry of policy the policyholder will get 15% of the sum assured and Final Additional Bonus.

o Extended term of 7 years is available from the date of expiry of the policy term.

o In case of non-payment of premium after at least two full year’s premium has been paid, full
death cover shall continue for a period of 2 years from the date of first unpaid premium.

o Sum assured is available between 1 lakh and 1 crore.

o Minimum and maximum entry age 0 years and 12 years respectively.
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