LIC’s New Anmol Jeevan- 1  Table No. 164:

Premium Ceasing Age : 60 Premium Ceasing Term : 0
Plan Highlights

LIC’s Anmol Jeevan is a unique plan of LIC’s term assurance policywith Table No 164, by far the cheapest policy to buy; cheaper than even a whole life policy to start with. This plan is allowed to standard and sub-standard lives (upto Class VI EMR). In case of female lives, this plan will be restricted to Category I and II lives only. Physically handicapped persons will not be eligible for this plan.
Special Features
Persons following hazardous occupations attracting an Occupation Extra of Rs.4/- or more per Rs.1000/-
Sum Assured will not be eligible for the plan. Cost of medical examination will be borne by the
• Standard age proof will have to be submitted along with the proposal form for term insurance plan.
• Proposals will be considered on the basis of Medical Reports and Special reports (if any).
• Cost of medical examination (including Special reports, if any) will be borne by the LIC as per rules.
• The basic Sum Assured under this plan will be the basis for medical examination and SUC.
Survival Benefits:

This being a pure term assurance policy, no maturity proceeds are payable.
Death Benefits:
On the other hand, the risk of premature death is fully covered to the extent of the sum assured.

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